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Oct 29, 2012 7:00am EDT
is strengthening as it approaches the east coast of the united states. these are live pictures from maryland as the national hurricane center warned of a life-threatening storm surges and hurricane winds. a magazine editors charged with breach of privacy in greece. and election results in the ukraine suggest they might not have an overall majority. welcome to bbc world news. china appears for a change of leadership. how will it affect ordinary people? we will hear from villagers living in the shadows of the great wall. and there's a new environment. the east coast of the united states is waking up to what could soon be a super storm. 140 kilometers per hour winds battering large areas as the hurricane grows in strength. sandy is expected to bring with it a life-threatening storm surge. these are live pictures from new york. the city waking up in darkness at the moment. in maryland, residents are bracing for the category one hurricane. this is live from maryland. 50 million people are affected on the east coast. schools and transport has been closed down. mandatory evacuation of hundreds of t
Oct 26, 2012 7:00am EDT
it in the united states. i keep ps of economic data about to, -- a key piece of economic data about to come out. >> gdp and payrolls. the figure of gdp, probably a continuing growth, around 1.8%. important to understand that these figures are annualize, so it shows what the growth would be over the whole year if growth continued at the rate it does during this quarter. it is expected to be about 1.8%. it is coming from good figures in retail and housing spending -- on houses. there is a bit of a bounce in the housing market. whether it can be maintained is a very different question. what people are thinking is that growth has gone up a little bit, but it is not going to go up much further. the chief economist at schroders -- is what he said about it. >> the areas of strength in the gdp report, probably in the consumer and housing side, areas close to the electorate. although the headline is not very good, the details might be a little bit better from a political perspective. >> what people are expecting next year, probably growth of about 2.2%, 2.3%. >> not bad for europe's point of view. [laug
Oct 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
in london, lawyers are challenging the extradition to the united states on health grounds. it is being seen as a last ditch attempt to avoid being sent to the u.s., where he faces accusations of kidnapping. the bbc for the spares -- for affairs correspondent is that the high court for us. we seem to have had quite a few less the thames, as we keep calling them. what is the basis of this latest appeal? >> it is on health grounds. a couple of weeks ago the european human rights court had their final say. that four other serious terrorism suspects could be sent to the u.s. to face trial. certainly, a british government officials thought there would be no reasonable grounds to act. the last reasonable grounds that they have are his health. they want this stop so that they can have a stand on, they say that his health is rapidly deteriorated in and has been since 2004. they say that the mri scan it may establish that he is not fit to stand trial in a prosecution. if that were the case, it would be oppressive to extradite him to the united states. it is a very strange argument, but if you cast yo
Oct 30, 2012 7:00am EDT
are watching bbc world news. at least 16 people have been killed in the united states and canada as tropical storm sandy sweeps inland. at least 50 homes in golf in flames in queens as the storm leaves millions without power or transport. the heads of five major financial organizations are meeting with german chancellor angela merkel in berlin to voice their concerns about the economic slowdown. leaders of the world bank, the world trade organization, and the international monetary fund and bank in germany, employment figures have been released. there is a lot to chew over. let's find out what that means for the ongoing your resume crisis. steve, i presume it means there will be some pressure on angela merkel. will that be the message? >> yeah, i think it is. these are the five big umbrella organizations that deal with economics, and the messages coming from them is you have to think about the pace of austerity in the light of the circumstances on the ground. the message from the imf from example is that if you go too fast with deficit reduction, you may make the economy even worse adn so wo
Oct 15, 2012 7:00am EDT
for a european-wide sex offender registry. the united states is one of the exceptions, many states allowing the public log on to, but with safeguards. in australia it is an offense to share the information on web sites like facebook or youtube. this is a radical step in the fight against the most sensitive of crimes. bbc news reporting from sydney. >> still to why did the crew ships the costa concordia run aground, killing more than 30 people. the captain comes face-to-face with survivors in an italian courtroom. a party that wants to split up belgium appears to of made gains in local elections with most of the ballots counted. the slimmest national party has won more than 36% of the vote. there is some flash photography in this report. >> involved in politics, he's the man of the moment. the leader of the flemish nationalist party and the newly elected mayor of antwerp. the message of his victory address was clear -- >> the force of change has won and we will continue. we want to give a flemish people the government they want at all levels. >> and they believe the dutch speaking part of be
Oct 1, 2012 7:00am EDT
the european team. then the united states rallied, thinking they might just take it, but at the very end a man with a fairly miserable seen retained the ryder cup for europe. at the end of the match on the final hole, tiger woods missed a short putt. they had want it out right. an extraordinary day of drama here at medina for the ryder cup team. they have maintained against all odds. >> and the said they will try not to gloat too much. an official inquiry is beginning in south africa into the killing at the platinum mine in august. striking miners were reportedly shot dead by police. it was the worst outbreak of violence since the end of apartheid two decades ago. more now from milton in johannesburg. how be killed will this inquiry be? >> actually, i happened to be at the civics center where the judicial commission of inquiry into the killings has already begun. it has been led by a retired judge, who this morning asked for a minute of silence, to stand up in memory of those who were killed during the disputed strike. today the judge is hoping that the commission, all the members of the commi
Oct 3, 2012 7:00am EDT
for a winner take all seat, the president of the united states. the first tv debate is always a great moment of anticipation as americans get the chance to draw direct comparisons, mitt romney is trailing barack obama in the polls in a number of key states but the president is under attack for failing to deliver jobs for voters. nowhere is that felt more than reno, nevada where the unemployment rate is the highest in the country. >> in the city nevada, reno is a little less vegas than las vegas it might be little but its voters could have a big impact on the elections. few places in america were worse hit by recession. inform has the highest unemployment rate in the country. barack obama won here comfortably four years ago. this time it will be closer. >> you're going to have a big choice to make, nevada. and it's not just choice between two candidates or two political parties. it's a choice between two different paths for this country. >> this is the other path. mitt romney, the businessman turned politician who is promising to turn the economy around slipped a little in the polls but it's
Oct 4, 2012 7:00am EDT
story, the severe drought in the united states, the worst in half a century. droughts in russia devastating the likes of corn, wheat, and soybeans. with the current food increase, mostly down to barry and meat -- dairy and meat products because you have higher grain prices. the grain is not just use for foodstuffs like you and i. it is speed for the animals. so that's really having an impact. -- it's feed for the animals. nobody says it's time to panic. but it's time for us in the west to say goodbye to the very cheap food for the many years we have had it. >> most people of my age and are nearly 40, they have been lucky enough to grow up in an era of relatively cheap and abundant food, particularly in the western world. however, the world has changed greatly. are seeing the emergence of a huge asian demand for food in my lifetime. people are demanding more food and better food. global demand for basic commodities like milk, wheat, and most meats has gone through the roof. >> looks like those higher prices will be sustained for awhile. >> thanks very much. let's lighten the load
Oct 9, 2012 7:00am EDT
. in terms of the united states, the i.m.f. was blunt and said congress needs to sit down and sort out the budget in a nutshell saying everything the leaders have done so far is just not enough and the emerging economies, china, which they downgraded. they used one phrase only, a common factory. listen to this. >> which applies to the revision in most emerging market countries is exports. they are not doing great. and the striking thing in the world in which we are is that when -- the effect on trade. the effect on exports from emerging market countries is very, very strong. >> i will defend one of the sharpest downgrades in the world with rough here in the u.k. >> good news. >> u.s. secretary and ben bernanke, head of the fed. they are in india. what are they doing there? >> very important meeting forging stronger economic ties but we already know the u.s. and india have a strong alliance but this alliance needs to be that much more stronger and important given both economies are combating the rising clout of china. there's a lot to talk about and there's a lot to be done. in particul
Oct 10, 2012 7:00am EDT
% each in a controlling stake. the reason, the united states. bae as a very good working relationship with the pentagon. even though the u.s. is cutting back on defense spending, they are still the biggest defense spender in a world. bae does not want to ruin that relationship. at the end of the day, the deal was always going to be problematic, given the sensitive nature of the industry. listen to this. >> defense manufacturers tend to be seen, even if the companies are privatized, as national assets. therefore governments are loath to agree to external ownership of companies that deal in defense. that's true for the u.k. government, the friend, the german, or the u.s. government, with which bae has very strong contacts. >> the deadline, 1600 gmt today for the british and european companies to decide. they either go with it or pull the plug. >> need to watch that one. >> thanks very much. british prime minister david cameron is a dire warning on the talent is faced by the u.k. in turbulent economic times. in his keynote speech in birmingham he reaffirmed his determination to stick to
Oct 17, 2012 7:00am EDT
with a major military power and now increaseingly a naval power, it's something the united states and japan clearly want america to hold on to and want america to stay here. >> now tens of thousands of mourners line the streets to pay their last respects as the coffin carrying the former king passed by. the form monarch will lie in state for three months. it marked for start of the official mourning. he died of a heart attack in beijing on monday at the age of 89. let's go now to our correspondent, johnathan. jonathan, the crowds i've been talking about, a sign of how much respect the people had for their king. >> that respect went right across the generations. he abdicated in 2004 even before then, though, he stayed out of the country for long periods of time. he often went back to china where he felt comfortable. but even the younger people recognized that he is almost the definition of cambodian identity. this man became king in 1941, 71 years ago anded that most extraordinary career in life. he was -- he abdicated twice and deposed by a koup once and at one point he was in alliance wit
Oct 18, 2012 7:00am EDT
of jihad in the united states. >> from his home in queens, he is reported to have looked for recruits to help him but ended up giving off an fbi informer. the police and the fbi let him carry on with his plot. an undercover agents applied with fake explosives and arrested him as he tried to detonate if what he thought was a 1,000 pound bomb in a van parked outside. the public was never in danger gutted brought back bad memories for some. >> i don't like it. i was here for 9/11 and we were affected, so i did not want to relive that. >> we are a target for terrorists here and it goes with the territory. >> he has been brought to court to face charges of terrorism. the latest suspect picked up in a sting operation. some criticize the government's role in mentoring such plots, but police argue if they don't get their hands on such radicalized young man early, they could do real damage. this is his court-appointed lawyer leaving after the hearing. her client did not succeed in carrying out this attack, but his case is a reminder that new york continue to be a target. bbc news, new york. >>
Oct 24, 2012 7:00am EDT
. we're talking about rajat gupta, who immigrated many years ago to the united states and has been living the american dream. he reached the pinnacle of the u.s. corporate world. he was the chief executive of the consulting group mckinsey, he was on the board of directors of goldman sachs at proctor and gamble but in june of this year, that dream turned into an american nightmare for mr. gupta. he faces a judge for sentencing and possibly eight to 10 years in prison. in june he was basically found guilty of passing along company secrets, secrets that he obtained or gathered when he was on the board of goldman sachs. he passed that information to mr. raja rajaratnam, we use that information to perform on the stock market. mr. rajaratnam is serving an 11- ye there were very prominent people who wrote in, like bill gates, the head of microsoft, kofi annan, former secretary- general of the u.n., and their letters were "let me give you a sense of the sky beyond his business career and talk about his humanitarianism." there was another group of letters from family and friends that talked
Oct 25, 2012 7:00am EDT
and touchscreens. now to seattle in the united states at microsoft headquarters. >> founder bill gates and his successor steve ballmer, and join the staff to celebrate 30 years of charitable giving. for steve ballmer, the next few days are crucial. >> we have three imagine -- have reimagined windows 8. >> the boss knows just what is at stake. >> the launch of windows 8 and windows phone is epic for microsoft. it's right up there with the launch of the ibm pc. it starts us on a new era of computing. >> more than 40,000 people across the seattle area aren't generating big profits from windows and office. over the last 10 years they have not produced anything that has changed the world or make consumers go wow, unlike apple to this week launched another ipad. microsoft believes the surface tablet computer, powered by windows 8, will show it can be even smarter. with the computer industry changing rapidly, this firm needs to move fast to stay in touch. bbc news, seattle. >> we will have a debate in a half-hour on the store when an apple addict and microsoft fan argue the pros and cons of each side
Oct 31, 2012 7:00am EDT
been know to have died in the storm in the northeastern united states. tens of thousands of people have had to spend a second night in emergency shelters. you are familiar enough with these, of course. bananas are just about the most popular fruit in the world, but they could be replacing some staples in the parts of the world affected by climate change. the report commissioned by the un security council says that the production of these foods will decrease in many developing countries and that bananas might make a suitable replacement. joining me from edinburgh is an agricultural scientist with the climate change and food security research program. thank you very much for joining us. first of all, that level of vulnerability to climate change, how sure are we? >> of course, there are considerable uncertainties, but those are the things that we get from the report, that the temperature increases in a range. you can be relatively certain of what's coming. some of these changes we may be seeing to agricultural systems, to crop patterns, some of these things are already happening in the de
Oct 22, 2012 6:00pm EDT
with the strain and who was associated with the united nations facility. >> cholera is spread through dirty water and sewage. and in many parts of the country, they are and just appalling state. and let it hit the coastal town, there were thousands of cases in the first few days. how does the u.n. response to the charge that it brought cholera? >> the un has to answer that allegation, but it must go through a legal procedure. i can tell you the work of a coordinator responding to that terrible epidemic, the fact that we have seen a significant decline in cases over the past year. nadia you find it incredibly difficult being the person the u.n. puts out to answer these kinds of questions. >> yes. i can't give you answers because half of the issues are out of my hands. >> it attacks the young and old. haiti did not need this. the un is an organization that seeks to do good in the world but it is facing a real crisis. that might be a crisis of its own making. >> a serious investigation there. we all know how james bond alexa's martini, but we are about to find out how he takes his beer. the world pr
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16